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Professional Santour

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Santour 3 stamp made by Sirus Razvani, very nice tuned and beautiful with special color and sound

Comes with an instument case, Tuning key, hammer, hammer box, additional wire set, stand (kharak)

About Cyrus Razvani

Cyrus Rezvani was born in 1949. During her childhood, he had a passion for painting, music and handicrafts, especially in the woods industry, and he longed to pursue a career in art, so he was a member of her high school art group during high school. Throughout his schooling, despite having no facilities in his hometown, he earned good marks in painting, singing and handicrafts including fine woodworking, “When I found myself in love with wood and working with it,” he says. I was a natural matter that has a special human and human nature, first of all, the work of one of the more original ones. I turned to traditional Iranian arts and combined my paintings and wood to make my own home and that of my friends, until one of my high school art shows met two musicians playing tar and santour. Santour caught my attention with that pleasant sound. Immediately I decided to make Santour for personal use, with great effort and without any help, and to complete it with any problems that existed at that time, and only a few of them. I showed friends and hobbies of traditional music that were welcomed and encouraged and guided by some Naiman Naiman of the city of Oligodars I took the trail of construction. Officially and actively since the age of 25, I have worked extensively and thoroughly with the great professors who are not permitted to speak without the permission of these dear ones and made full use of the views of these great men. Over the past few years, I have made a large number of walnut, freelance, and sometimes maple-shaped walnuts to be available at music schools, private classes for art students, and I am currently working on a device to replace the walnut earphones. And if this device is approved by the experts, it can help, however, to help minimize the problem of stitching. Of course, this idea has not yet reached the stage and is currently undergoing its pilot and experimental stages, and it should be noted that this device, which has been under construction for about a year and a half, is being helped by a genuine Iranian music lover. It has been completed outside the country, and if successful, it will be appreciated. Rezvani is now working in the basement of her apartment, which also has a very small space, and is hoping to take a small step toward serving authentic Iranian culture and music.

About Santour

Santour is an Iranian musical instrument. Dehkhoda culture has defined Santour as trapezoidal Iranian instruments with many strings and played by two wooden strings. Iranians were later expelled. Some scholars believe that Santour has traveled to other Asian countries far from Iran, such as today, with similar species in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, China, Vietnam, Korea, Ukraine and other Central Asian countries as well as Greece It is a.

Specification: Professional Santour

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 100 × 32 × 12 cm

Videos: Professional Santour

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